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This is a Professional PCB, Sub Active Filter Board PCB.
With Auto Amp Power ON:
  •  Board Thickness - 1.6mm
  •  Copper Thickness - 1 oz (35u)
  •  Double Layer
  •  Material FR4, 140x59mm
  •  Two Side SolderMask Red
  •  SilkScreen Color  - White
  •  Through Holes
  •  Immersion Gold Pads

It is a excellent (famous) sub filter schematic, mod by me. Absolutely
working. Ready to Solder, in perfect BLUE (RED is old) PCB.
The sensitivity in auto power on mode, is about from 70mV. If change
the value of "TIME ON" capacitor (In PCB 10uF), increase or decrease
STBY time period ON.

With this value (10uF), the Time Stand By, is about 2-3 minutes. In the
point of relay, if you want connect SSR (Solid State Relay). For work
need a small transformer 2x12VAC 5-8W.

Filter Functions:
  • Switch Gain x10 (single switch)
  • Volume (POT 100K LOG)
  • Gainer / Q-Boost (POT 100K LIN)
  • Variable 15 - 60 Hz Sub Filter (POT 100K LIN)
  • 4th LinkWitz 60 - 300Hz (QUAD POT/2xSTEREO 100K LIN) Less Variable Phase Control (POT 100K LIN)

The filter have 4 Pot (3 LIN, and 1 LOG) single, and 1 QUAD (or 2 STEREO) LIN. I put "Headers PCB" in quad pot
position, if you want to connect 2 Stereo Pot out of board (for more flexibility).
Link (DropBox)

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moutoulos ™ 
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