GP electronics (moutoulos ™) is a small business that specializes in PCB design for
DIY and OEMs. Our aim is to produce and maintain high quality unique PCB's, with
decent prices. They are all available via the shop pages and eBay, and we send all over
the world.
We continually strive to be a great company. moutoulos ™ is committed providing
high-quality products and services to our customers.

GP electronics is coming from initials of my name. I design PCBs, about 8 years.
I 'm moderator 12 years in our Greek Forum for electronics (

My name is Greg, and my username in several forums, is moutoulos . I 'm from

My hobbies are Electronics, Electronics Projects, Electric Guitar (playing & Pedals),

PC, Camping, Snow Ski, Off Road, and designing Printed Circuit Boards (I love it).

Combining designing boards and playing my guitar, I discovered the ability to create
professional boards PCB for my guitar pedals, and much more
PCBs, for audio amp,
power supplies, etc.My Location is
Patras/Greece, or Antikyra/Greece.

In my
FaceBook Photo Albums you can see part of some a good projects, in albums.
You can find me ... here, in
eBay, or in FaceBook.