FM Stereo Encoder MultiPLEXER BroadCAST PCB (PIRA)


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FM Stereo Encoder MultiPLEXER BroadCAST PCB (PIRA) 
ReDesign/Edit from moutoulos ...
This stereo encoder is a halfway between analogue and digital processing. It combines the best from both domains to provide high-quality and easy to build device. The sampling frequency used in this stereo encoder is 97 times (!!!) higher than the pilot tone frequency. This makes very easy to reject all spectral residues around the sampling frequency without affecting the main signal characteristics. Using of a micro-controller allows to build this stereo encoder with reduced part count and get excellent results in real operation.

This stereo encoder advisedly does not contain any preemphasis circuit. Remember the key fact: a compressor - limiter - clipper device must be always present between the preemphasis circuit and the stereo encoder or modulator. Only this configuration ensures loud sound without exceeding the maximum frequency deviation limit (75kHz). The stereo encoder is designed to provide really good sound. This always needs to use the compressor - limiter - clipper device where the preemphasis is precisely assured. You can find more files for this encoder in my another Link (DropBox).
Supply voltage: --------------------------- 9-16V (Stab)
Quiescent supply current (12 V): ---- 34 mA
Audio 19 kHz rejection: ---------------- 40 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz: --------- >55 dB
Subcarrier rejection: ------------------- >60 dB
Pilot sampling frequency: ------------- 1.843 MHz (19 kHz x 97)
Subcarrier sampling frequency: ----- 1.843 MHz (38 kHz x 48.5)
Pilot sync. output: ----------------------- TTL
Max. audio input voltage: ------------- 5Vpp (1.75 V rms)
Pilot tone level: --------------------------- Linear Adjustable 0-0.5Vpp
Output voltage gain: -------------------- Linear Adjustable 0-1.5
Audio input impedance: --------------- 2000 Ohm
RDS input impedance: ----------------- 1000 Ohm
MPX output impedance: -------------- 500 Ohm
Pilot sync. output impedance: -------- 10000 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio: ------------------- >70 dB
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FM Stereo Encoder MultiPLEXER BroadCAST PCB (PIRA)

FM Stereo Encoder MultiPLEXER BroadCAST PCB (PIRA)