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MRF101AN Linear FM BroadCast Amplifiers BroadBand 100W



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   MRF101AN LDMOS Linear FM BroadCast Amplifiers BroadBand 100W  

   !!!! Maybe the best "flexible" RF AMP !!!!
In 2018 NXP introduced new MRF101 and MRF300 power transistors to the market. 
They are designed for medium and high power levels in the radio frequency range,
where the offer is not so rich. Why are hey extremely interesting to the amateur radio
community ?.
  • First of all they are cheap thanks to the use of standard plastic packages !!!.
  • Secondly they are excellent as a result of the latest LDMOS technology !!!.
  • Third they are easy to design and build both HF and VHF power amplifiers.
So here we have a smart design RF FM Amplifier 100W as final power. The power
input is only 1W max !!!. Of course MRF101AN require 48 VDC up to 3A ...

You have a choice as input to use RF ATT ... or no. If you have as power input max
you can use it as is (Without RF ATT). If your power input is for example 0-6W
from your PLL, it is better to set up for 2-3W and use RF ATT circuit.

This PCB is exactly what you need. Immersion Gold Rail (ENIG) extremely quality.
For BIAS just set up for 100ma without any drive as input, and of course in dummy.
Link for more info (DropBox)
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