BLF177 HF/VHF Power MOS Transistor



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BLF177 HF/VHF Power MOS Transistor
Transistor Type: RF MOSFET
Current, Id Continuous: 16A
Package Type: SOT-121B
Maximum power consumption: 220W
Voltage, Vds Typ: 125V
On-state resistance, Rds on maximum: 300mohm
Threshold voltage, Vgs th Typ: 4.5V
Threshold voltage, Vgs th High: 4.5V
Voltage, Vds Maximum: 125V
Power dissipation, Pd: 220W
No. of Pins: 4
Power, Pd: 220W
In resistance RDS (on): 200mohm
Voltage Vgs @ Rds on Measurement: 10V
Current, Idss Maximum: 2.5mA
Pin Format: D (1), S (2 & 4), G (3)
Threshold voltage, Vgs th lowest: 2V

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