VOX 847 Crybaby Wah Effects PCB Board (Red)




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This is a Professional PCB Double Layers based on Vox847 CryBaby.
Some board info:
  • Board Thickness – 1.6mm
  • Copper Thickness – 1 oz (35u)
  • Double Layer
  • Material FR4, 80×55mm
  • Two Side SolderMask RED
  • SilkScreen Color – White
  • Through Holes
  • Immersion Gold Pads
Is ready to solder, drop-in replacement, for DIY project of Vox 847 Wah
(model 847). This will also drop-in to any Dunlop CryBaby or Vox Wah
pedal, they all have the same bolt locations.
Link (DropBox)

Remember ... you must buy good quality components.
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